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Client Base

ScotiaMocatta serves a widely diverse and very international clientele of producers and consumers of precious and base metals across the globe.  Through our fully integrated and comprehensive range of capabilities, we provide highly specialized and customized solutions for various clients, including:

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  • Refiners
  • Manufacturers
  • Fabricators

Central Banks

Central banks are increasingly active in the management of their bullion, particularly gold reserves and the marketing of indigenous production. Scotiabank's deep commitment to the bullion market, extensive international network and local expertise makes us an ideal partner for central banks. With a significant bullion forward and loan book, we are a competitively large user of the liquidity provided by central banks through gold deposits and swaps.

ScotiaMocatta offers price protection, yield enhancement products, reserve management, interest-rate risk management, value-added products such as coin and dore conversion. ScotiaMocatta’s presence in the global physical gold markets, combined with the depth of our trading books, allows us to handle very large transactions, disposals or acquisitions in a highly discreet and effective manner.


client to create the optimum solution, be it a competitively-priced vanilla hedge to lock in revenues or a customised product to meet a client’s individual needs. Working with other teams within Scotiabank, we are able to combine risk management with access to the capital and debt markets, underwriting a bond or transforming a derivative into a capital market instrument.

Since 1990, Scotiabank has been ranked second in North America as an agent of syndicated credit facilities for the global mining industry. This strength, combined with ScotiaMocatta’s global risk management and physical services, comprise a powerful commitment to the global mining sector.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions seeking access to the commodities markets rely on ScotiaMocatta for a wide range of products from straightforward execution and pricing to more complex derivative multi-metal products. Our diverse client base covering multiple market sectors ensures that we have a consistent two-way order flow and can provide our clients with the competitive prices and liquidity they require.


ScotiaMocatta is a leading supplier of physical gold to the jewellery and merchant sectors in the world’s principle consumer markets of Italy, India, Asia, and the Middle East. We supply hedging, financing, and physical metal delivery to clients throughout the world acting as a universal banking service for the industry.

To offset price risk, ScotiaMocatta enables clients to buy bullion on deferred payment terms against a pro forma payment of cash. This defers a commitment to price until sale of the finished goods or resale of the gold bars themselves. Through our global network of customers, we arrange convenient and competitive location swaps of metal in most of the world’s major jewellery manufacturing centres.