ScotiaMocatta Precious and Base Metal

Our Clients

ScotiaMocatta serves a diverse set of producers and consumers of precious and base metals around the globe. 

Central BanksFinancial Institutions

Central banks are active in the management of their bullion, particularly gold reserves and the marketing of indigenous production. With a significant bullion forward and loan book, we are a large user of the liquidity provided by central banks through gold deposits and swaps.

That means that we are able to handle large transactions, disposals or acquisitions discreetly and effectively. This can provide benefits like price protection, yield enhancement products, reserve management and interest-rate risk management.


Scotiabank is a leading agent of syndicated credit facilities for the global mining industry. When working with our specialists, you can combine risk management with access to the capital and debt markets. We’ll also assist you with underwriting bonds or transforming derivatives into capital market instruments.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions seek access to the commodities markets and rely on ScotiaMocatta for a range of products - from execution and pricing to more complex derivative multi-metal products. Our diverse client base spans multiple market sectors, insuring that we have a consistent 2-way order flow.